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Dazzle your lover with sensual sparkles.

Make yourself the ultimate temptation by sprinkling suggestive sparkles over your skin, and allow yourself to be admired. Transform into pure temptation with Bling Bling, and make your décolleté and shoulders wholly delectable.


Content: sweet body sparkles (15 g)


Did you know that...

... The powder is made from cornstarch, no sugar added, so is completely kissable?

... The shimmering powder gives the skin a radiant glow and shows the body off with a sparkle and shine?

... Historically speaking, the vanity table is a piece of furniture that holds female beauty secrets? The vanity table was the main focus in the chambers of the great ladies of the court, such as Madame Pompadour, and became a symbol of social power and sophistication. Its drawers held their jewels and concealed the secret correspondence that lay at the heart of all the palace intrigues.