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Where Have We Been?

Happy New year.  We were a little absent the past year and for good reason.  After our trip to the Paris Lingerie show last January, we were overwhelmed.  So much so, I never got a chance to post pictures from my trip.  Please forgive me.  My buying partner…mom…and I saw so many beautiful things that it took much longer to absorb than we imagined. We met a lot of amazing designers at the show and saw lingerie that was so beautiful, it’s difficult to describe. Before going to Paris, we knew we wanted to make changes, we just weren’t prepared for all of the amazing options. While in Paris, we learned the French women think differently about lingerie than most other women.  They truly are masters of femininity.  The amount of beautiful lingerie we saw was unbelievable.  We also popped over to London and spent a few hours in the lingerie department at Harrods.  That’s where I bought my first piece of Mimi Holiday.  It’s so pretty and coquettish.  I am very much a girlie girl and even in my amazing pieces from Paris and London, I feel even more feminine and sassy. We returned home with a new attitude and outlook on lingerie.  Not only is lingerie the first layer you put on, it’s a mood setter. Lingerie is definitely different from underwear.  Underwear is purchased six pairs in a plastic bag or box.  Or it’s bra you found in the bottom of a bin or shoved in a box.  Underwear is utilitarian and doesn't make you feel pretty, sexy or feminine.  Lingerie isn’t scratchy or ill fitting.  It’s often found on a satin padded hanger or lying on a table in a store.  Lingerie also makes you feel excited to have it on and sad to take it off. Armed with my new information and luxury lingerie, I made a difficult decision, start over. When I made that decision, I had no idea it was going to take as long as it has to get back up and running.  I thought, we’d go to the show, pick a few new lines, update the logo and social media presence, website, tagline, and hit the deck running.  But that’s not what happened.  Instead, I learned that in order for me to update The Pink Duchess, it was going to take a little time. A year later, we are very close to unveiling the new look.  If you visit the site, you’ll see a tiny glimpse of the new website.  The new website will be sophisticated and feminine.  If you’ve visited the blog, you will have noticed there’s a new look and name.  The blog is called, “The Duchess.”  It will have a mix of things to appeal to a variety of tastes.  The plan is to include not lingerie, but little beauty, fashion, food, wine, travel, romance, culture, decor and whatever else we think you’ll enjoy reading about. Thank you for being patient with us as we grow and take The Pink Duchess in a new direction. New TPD Logo and Image New TPD Logo

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