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What's Your Favorite Flower?

What's your favorite flower?  This is a question I'm surprised so many women don't have an answer for.  Or when asked, they give one of the standard answers: Roses, Lilies or Carnations.  Those are beautiful flowers. [caption id="attachment_182" align="alignleft" width="391"]tumblr_ni7tcflZmF1s9mw9ko1_1280 Image from Zsa Zsa Bellagio... via:lacarolita[/caption] Having spent a little time in the floral industry, I was exposed to a variety of flowers.  I do like fuchsia roses and the Casablanca and Acapulco lilies are phenomenal. However, when I'm asked this question, I proudly announce, fuchsia Peonies.  The first time I was introduced to these magnificent flowers, was an arrangement sent to my former employer.  Their beauty instantly attracted me. If you're unfamiliar with these little balls, on first glance, they look odd.  However, when they bloom and their full heads open, it's a beautiful display.  It's amazing to watch them as they fully open to showoff their beauty. I was reading something and the writer was telling men how important it is to have a relationship with a florist.  Someone to help with selecting floral arrangements.  As the recipient of said flowers, it would be helpful to give the man in your life a little direction. Knowing your favorite flower  will help him to indulge and pamper you.  Sending you an arrangement of your favorite flower on the special occasions of your life: birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Mother's Day, etc, will ensure a smile and lots of gratitude from you.  And don't be selfish, ask him what his favorite bloom is.  Most men aren't used to being asked that question or receiving flowers.  However, the thoughtfulness of receiving an arrangement on the special occasions in their life usually leads to a lot of gratitude. TO DO: Find florist and develop a relationship? Pick a favorite flower? Ask the man in your like what his favorite flower is? Treat yourself to your favorite fresh flowers as often as possible.

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