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Vichy Micellar Water

IMG_0187 Seems I am unintentionally doing a Micellar Water comparison test.  I just finished my bottle of Simple Micellar Water and it was time for a new bottle.  I went to the store with the intention of getting another bottle, but I went down a different aisle and spotted this brand.  I pulled out my iPhone and did a little research.  I found that Vichy is highly recommended.  Some consider it second to Bioderma, the highly touted French brand.  So I got a bottle. far, it is living up to the reviews.  I have nothing against Simple's version.  It's nice and it's good to have a back up. FOR ME, Vichy cleans deeper.  I also like the smell.  I've noticed I don't have to use as much, but that's me.  If you try it, you may experience different results. I've been following my same regime...cleanse with Vichy Micellar and follow up with a little coconut oil to moisturize.  My skin feels very soft and not dry.  The other part of my regime, is WATER.  I drink A LOT of water and plain green tea daily. I got my bottle of VICHY  PURETE THERMALE at Target.  The price was approximately $17.00.  I'm not sure which one I'll try next.  I hear Dior makes a nice one.  Ultimately, I want to try Bioderma.  It's considered to be the best and a favorite with French women.  I'll keep you posted. This isn't a sponsored post.

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