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Fall Makeup

I hope everyone had an amazing summer. Now that fall is officially here, that means letting go of my summer makeup.  That sounds so dramatic.  As it turns out, I used the last of my summer foundation on September 22nd.     Making it the perfect time to try something new. I'm a huge fan of Tom Ford's Traceless Foundation.  It provides great coverage.  I've talked about it before.  But this summer, I tried a different brand's powder foundation.  I bought it because the store I was in at the time, didn't sell Tom Ford. I liked the product I had,  but I secretly longed to try the Tom Ford powder.  This weekend I was out shopping and finally made my purchase. I'm sharing this because, in all the years I've been wearing makeup...and I've tried both high end and low end.  This is the first foundation to not get oily or shiny after a few hours.  In fact, I had this on yesterday in 90 degree plus weather, for over twelve hours.  I love it.  [THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT.]  The color matched perfectly and the texture is very light.  Not to mention the packaging is incredible. If you're looking for a new foundation for fall, I highly recommend the Tom Ford Flawless Powder Foundation.  I got mine at Neiman-Marcus. IMG_0131

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