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Seems most blogs have a "name."  You'd think just calling this The Pink Duchess Blog, would be sufficient.  However, I think the blog needs it's own identity.  So after much thought...that's so not true.  Smile.   I was posting The Pink Duchess mottoes and it came to me.  Instead of referring to those as "Thoughts," they should be "Notes."  After all, they are little affirmations or encouraging words I like to share with my customers. So the next new things for The Pink Duchess are: Blog Name: PINK THOUGHTS Affirmations: PINK NOTES Tagline: LINGERIE FOR CURVY FIGURES You'll also notice the blog has a modified version of the logo.  I'm thinking about making it the new look. I like feedback.  As I make changes I would love to know what you think.  Along with the changes listed above, I have plans to update the blog content.  So, if you haven't signed up to follow the blog, please do and share it with a friend. Happy Weekend.

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